Information & Licensing

Unless other specifications are requested, all images are delivered as high resolution, 300ppi TIFF files (LZW compression) with sRGB color profile. Because clients often have unique needs regarding file specs, labeling or other content modifications, we don't offer file downloading directly from this site, but rather communicate directly with each client when orders are received to enable them to have more flexible options regarding file format specs, etc. 

Most of our images can be ordered as B&W line art or B&W tone (full grayscale).

Images can also be ordered with or without labeling, and labeled images can be modified at no additional charge (ie- different text, font, type size, etc.). 

Please contact us directly with modification requests.

Orders are paid for and securely processed through Paypal, for which
licensees do not need an account. Once your order is completed and
file specs confirmed, images are immediately sent via email. DropBox is
used for larger orders.

We strive to make the licensing process and fee structure as simple and easy as possible.  To that end we have three basic fee options that in most cases meet our clients' needs.

License 1 ($39):  Single-purpose usage.  Image may only be used for a single purpose (ie- classroom media, website, book, magazine, journal, CD/DVD, advertisment, poster, etc.), but license does include multiple copies of one product.   Also, in media such as books, for example, the license will extend to subsequent editions of a specific title, but not to ancillary products (see License 2 option).

License 2 ($69):  Limited Multipurpose.  Applies to one multiplely produced product such as a book or CD/DVD and also, if applicable, to its specific ancillary materials (ie- a textbook plus materials specifically related to it, such as a downloadable PDF edition, study guide, website content, video, CD/DVD, marketing materials, etc.).

License 3 ($299):  Unlimited Multipurpose.  Image can be used multiple times for multiple purposes, but cannot be transferred in any manner for use by third-party indivduals or entities.

If your intended usage does not fit one of these options, or if you're unsure, please email us prior to ordering and we will respond quickly with clarification and/or recommendations.

Other than resizing or reformatting (ie- file format, resolution, color profile, etc.), image content cannot be altered in any way by the licensee without express permission from David Carlson/Carlson Stock Art.

Licensing rights are nonexclusive to licensee. Images cannot be relicensed, sold, or transferred in any manner except by David Carlson/Carlson Stock Art, which retains full copyright of all content on this site.

Copyright credit must remain on the image, and we request that an additional credit line be added outside the image area: ©DaveCarlson/